We created the book club buddy site as a repository for readers that are searching for books so that they can find new ones to read. The goal is to provide an immediate review of the book and then below that, you can click the "read more" button to gain access to a more in depth discussion of the selected title.


Kathy Page on The Find

A thoroughly enjoyable read. Location - West Coast FN land, presenting skilled characters in jobs and situations with explanations just outside my knowledge (so, stretching my awareness)in parlance that satisfied my need for both internal and external dialogue. Paleontology, team dynamics, aging and illness, a strong female protagonist with interesting and arresting side-players. ~ goodreads
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Lori Hahnel on Nothing Sacred

Recently, I've been thinking about the first few lines of the story. Keeping a mental note of them now and thinking about how they fit into the remainder of the plot. It's all about how they entice the reader in. Lori has a fantastic lure for the reader in the beginning of the book. ~ biblio Read More

Guide to The Shore Girl by Fran Kimmel

'The Shore Girl' - Fantastic story - riveting, couldn't put it down!! Exceptionally well written - will be watching for more books from Fran Kimmel ~ Amazon
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Stony River ~ Reviewed by Pearl Luke

Dower does an excellent job chronicling the formative years of her central trio in a coming-of-age story that effectively tackles heavy subjects. ~ Quill & Quire
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