Guide to The Shore Girl by Fran Kimmel

'The Shore Girl' - Fantastic story - riveting, couldn't put it down!! Exceptionally well written - will be watching for more books from Fran Kimmel ~ Amazon
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Fran Kimmel’s debut novel, The Shore Girl, illustrates the havoc of a young girl’s upbringing in a way that is both raw and heartbreaking. Rebee has a mother with a terrible secret, one that shapes both their lives. She’s the girl trapped in the white van, dragged from place to place, no clue where she is on the crumpled map. Everywhere she goes, Rebee transforms the lives of the people she encounters. But it’s not until she gets carted back to Chesterfield after her grandfather’s funeral that she learns of the dark forces that have torn her family apart. Along the way, Rebee learns that hope can be built from grief and that some love can last.