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Getting 2 Know Lorne Daniel

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Lorne Daniel author of Drawing Back to Take a Running JumpAuthor of  Drawing Back to Take a Running Jump


What is your creative process?

Lorne Daniel: I try to write regularly, weekday mornings, but I’m not always successful at that. The stuff of life too often gets in the way, or distracts me. I have been most effective when I can get away to a retreat where my sole focus is writing. If I can write for a week, two weeks, or more without interruption, working at whatever hours I have energy, I feel I build up some writing momentum and it starts to flow. I find it a challenge to keep my writing scenarios (whether in poetry or non-fiction) in my mind unless I am working on them continuously.

I do a lot of drafting and note making by hand, throwing sheets of notes into folders, then transcribe it into electronic form when I want it to begin taking shape. For creative writing, I find the pen and paper still facilitate thoughts and emotions better than the blank screen.

I most enjoy the sense of something new, something deeper, revealing itself through the process of writing. I think readers often don’t realize that writers set out with vague images and concepts in mind but through their work with words form something different.

If you could do anything for anyone, what would you do?

Lorne Daniel: Love and happiness for all. A small wish. One of my favourite songs is Mark Knopfler’s “Love and Happiness,” with the lines, “Here’s a penny for / any thought it is / that makes you smile.” Perhaps it’s a sappy sentiment but I think each of us takes a great deal of pleasure from seeing others experience those small moments of happiness. Big social movements can be tremendously important but at the same time a small kindness can make one life brighter, right now.

Drawing Back to Take a Running Jump by Lorne Daniel

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