About this book club site

About This Book Club Site We created this book club site as an information repository for readers searching for books and author information, and as a promotional tool for authors, who want to let readers know that their books exist. Many book club sites serve a single purpose. They list books of a certain type, [...]

Book Club Activities: Serious and Silly by Brenda Brooks

Book Club Activities: Serious and Silly By Brenda Brooks Serious book club activities should seek to heighten an appreciation for books, authors, and literature in general. The sole mandate of silly book club activities, however, is to amuse yourselves at any cost, regardless of all of the above. Some activities, with slight tweaking, may be [...]

Book Club Discussion Tips

Book Club Discussion Tips Anything that generates conversation will provide a desirable path into a book club discussion, so open-ended questions are useful. One individual in your group may be interested in the psychology of characters. Another may focus on historical detail. Someone else may approach the book from a feminist perspective. Multiple interests and [...]

Book Club Invitations: More Spice Please by Brenda Brooks

Book Club Invitations: More Spice Please By Brenda Brooks The two most common responses to book club invitations are as follows: Grateful and enthusiastic acceptance followed by devoted attendance and painstaking readings of each designated book, or, grateful and enthusiastic acceptance (What a swell idea! What time? What book? I’ll bring my spicy wings dish!), [...]

Book Club Lists

This page contains variety of  book club lists. BookClubBuddy.com has a diverse audience, including those who prefer literary fiction and those who enjoy a good romance or fantasy title, so our lists reflect that. One of the most exciting benefits of being in a book club is the discovery of new and engaging books that might [...]

Book Review Websites

BookClubBuddy.com is a book review and book discovery site. We’re always eager to hear from those wanting to write book reviews for us. If you are a passionate, analytical reader, or an author eager to spread the word about your own website or book page, please contact us. We always have a number of interesting [...]

Discount Book Clubs: From Vampires to Romance by Brenda Brooks

Discount Book Clubs: From Vampires to Romance By Brenda Brooks Discount book clubs figured in my life early. My sister and I spent our adolescence and early teens steeped in our mother’s selections from discount book clubs. These were hardcover volumes with covers and titles so intriguing we could hardly be blamed for thinking of them as [...]

Films Based on Novels by Brenda Brooks

  Films Based on Novels: One for Strangers on a Train By Brenda Brooks I’ve seen many films based on novels, but one rises high above the rest. Opening Scene: It’s Saturday night. A TV screen flickers in the living room of a 1960’s era house. Most of the family has turned in, except for a pajama-clad [...]

Gay Book Club: For Guys and Dolls by Brenda Brooks

Gay Book Club: For Guys and Dolls by Brenda Brooks There are three main types of gay book club: the online store, where gay-themed books can be purchased at a discount and shipped to your door the real-time reading club, where groups of book- lovers meet in person to discuss books previously agreed upon online sites [...]

Oprah Book Club List

The Oprah Book Club List contains many quality choices for book clubs. The Oprah Winfrey Book Club began in 1996 with a discussion of The Deep End of the Ocean, a novel by Jacqueline Mitchard. The book club ran for fourteen years, until 2010. Oprah’s book club has made numerous otherwise unknown authors famous over [...]

Island Born by Frank Burnaby



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