Blowing Bubbles with Pearl Luke

Just wanted to have a bit of fun with this video. If you’d like to know more about my book, Madame Zee, or the one I was reading in the bath, Delivery, by Betty Jane Hegerat, please click on the links below. Madame Zee by Pearl Luke Delivery by Betty Jane Hegerat

Book Flashes for Authors

BOOKflashes are videos that offer readers glimpses of your  book’s primary premise and relevant highlights, or your novel’s main characters and brief plot basics over a background audio. From one to two minutes duration, BOOKflashes give prospective readers a sense of your book, both visually and audibly. Go to for more information.

Book Trailer for Believing Cedric by Mark Lavorato

Believing Cedric by Mark Lavorato gives us something new–a 58-year-old protagonist who travels through time (not because he wants to) to physically revisit moments in his past. Moments that changed the course of his life and moments when he touched others.  We learn about these moments through the eyes of those he revisits. It’s an [...]

Book Trailer for Delivery by Betty Jane Hegerat

Set on Quadra Island on Canada’s west coast where a desperate grandmother has fled with her infant granddaughter under her arm, Delivery explores the emotional maelstrom of an unplanned pregnancy, and an abrupt mid-life transition. Lynn Howard has just begun to appreciate the freedom of her new single status and the empty nest when Heather, her [...]

Book trailer for Monoceros by Suzette Mayr

Book Trailer for Monoceros by Suzette Mayr Coach House Books, 2011. 220 pp. A seventeen-year-old boy, bullied and heartbroken, hangs himself. And although he felt terribly alone, his suicide changes everyone around him. Despite the premise, this is a funny book. Watch the trailer to see clips from a few of the reviews. The wide [...]

Book Trailer for The Girl in the Box by Sheila Dalton

Book Trailer for The Girl in the Box by Sheila Dalton When Jerry meets the parents of a young Mayan girl on a bus in Guatemala, they plead with him to help. He visits their home and is appalled to learn that they keep their mute daughter, Inez, chained in a small dark room in [...]

Brian Brett Talks Dirt on Trauma Farm

Brian Brett gave us a great video interview at his home on Trauma Farm, about his memoir of the same name. The book is a fascinating and unusual walk through rural life on the farm of a brilliant and prolific author. Through many challenges his forbearance, talent, and great sense of humour shine through on [...]

Oaming with Kathy Page

Kathy Page is a good sport and discusses her work as Book Club Buddy interrupts her during a yoga session. About The Find: A day’s prospecting leads paleontologist Anna Silowski to make an extraordinary discovery in a remote part of British Columbia, but at the same time, tensions below the surface of her successful career [...]

Parnell Hall

Stephen King

Slow Ascent by Robert Hilles



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