Consumption by Kevin Patterson

In Rankin Inlet, a small town bordering the Arctic Ocean, the lives of the Inuit are gradually changing. The caribou and seals are no longer plentiful, and Western commerce has come to the community through a proposed diamond mine. Victoria Robertson wakes to a violent storm, her three children stirring in the dark. Her father, Emo, [...]

Deadly Fall by Susan Calder

Deadly Fall spends 9 weeks on the Calgary Herald Fiction Bestseller’s List Set in Calgary, Deadly Fall (TouchWood Editions, 2011), revolves around the investigation of insurance adjuster Paula Savard into the murder of her childhood friend, Callie. The death hits Paula hard. Once inseparable, she and Callie have grown distant in recent years. When the police [...]

Delivery by Betty Jane Hegerat

Delivery, by Betty Jane Hegerat. Oolichan Books, 2009. 306 pp. Set on Quadra Island on Canada’s west coast where a desperate grandmother has fled with her infant granddaughter under her arm, Delivery explores the emotional maelstrom of an unplanned pregnancy, and an abrupt mid-life transition. Lynn Howard has just begun to appreciate the freedom of [...]

Drive by Saviours by Chris Benjamin

Drive-by Saviours by Chris Benjamin Roseway Publishing, 2010 320 pp Since its 2010 debut, Drive by Saviours has received much good press as a finely written “social novel.” Weeks after its release, Drive-by Saviours  made the Canada Reads Top 40 Essential Books list. It won the Salty Ink 2010 Judge a Book by Its Cover contest and was [...]

Every Lost Country by Steven Heighton

Lewis Book, a doctor with a history of embroiling himself in conflicts, and his daughter, Sophie, travel to Nepal to join a climbing expedition. One evening, as Sophie sits on the border between China and Nepal, watching the sun set over the Himalayas, she spots a group of Tibetan refugees fleeing from Chinese soldiers. When [...]

Everything Was Good-bye by Gurjinder Basran

  Everything Was Good-bye centers around Meena, a young Indo Canadian woman growing up in the lower mainland of British Columbia and traces her life as she struggles to assert her independence in a Punjabi community. Raised by her tradition bound widowed mother, Meena knows the freedoms of her Canadian peers can never be hers, but [...]

Gotta Find Me An Angel by Brenda Brooks

Gotta Find Me an Angel by Brenda Brooks Raincoast Books, 2005. 219 pp. Gotta Find Me an Angel, the first novel of poet Brenda Brooks, is quirky, humourous, and beautifully written. The narrator/heroine thought she had forgotten Madeline, who died by her own hand when they were both in their early teens. Why then, at [...]

Hard Currency by Steven Owad

Hard Currency is the third of Steven Owad’s crime novels. The story opens in Warsaw, 1992. Three years have passed since the end of communism. For former democracy crusader Julian Krol, there are no dragons left to slay—or are there? Julian’s estranged sister Krystyna is found dead in a seedy Warsaw apartment. The police rule the [...]

In the Bear’s House by Bruce Hunter

In the Bear’s House was selected out of over 100 books from 10 countries as the 2009 Canadian Rockies Prize winner at the Banff Mountain Book Festival. Part fictional memoir, part social history, In The Bear’s House details the lives of two Scottish immigrant families in Calgary, the Dunlops and Lockes, and their raising of a [...]

Irma Voth by MIriam Toews

Miriam Toews’ new novel, Irma Voth, brings us back to the beloved voice of her award-winning, #1 bestseller A Complicated Kindness, and to a Mennonite community in the Mexican desert. Original and brilliant, she is a master of storytelling at the height of her powers, who manages with trademark wry wit and a fierce tenderness to [...]

Partake by Robert Hilles



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