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Brooke S. Musterman on Reptiles on Caffeine

Reptiles on Caffeine by Brooke S. MustermanAbout Reptiles on Caffeine

Book Club Buddy: What do you think readers will find most notable about this book?

I think they will be validated. If they are anything like me, they will be relieved. Stress can manifest itself in all manner of responses, rudeness is very common. It can be hard to deal with on the receiving end, but then you remember all the times you did the same thing or worse.

Brooke Musterman: Have you acquired any good anecdotes surrounding Reptiles on Caffeine? If so, could you share one?

Butch is a customer whom I never noticed until the other day, when he snapped and yelled at us for not remembering his drink order. He comes to my register. I say, “Hi can I help you?” Butch says, “Medium coffee with room for whole milk.”

I am off to retrieve Butch’s coffee. I hand it to him, exactly what he asked for. He is immediately upset. I didn’t understand that he wanted hot milk in his coffee, as he never told me.

“Look at my face!” he thunders, “I get coffee with WARM milk. I’m in here everyday. I don’t understand why you can’t remember that!”

BCB: Did researching and writing this book teach you anything or influence your thinking in any way?

Brooke Musterman: It made me more aware of how I deal with stress. I would like to say that it made me less judgmental of others, but it actually just makes me feel more guilty when I find myself judging.

BCB: What would you most like readers to tell others about Reptiles on Caffeine?

Brooke Musterman: “It made me laugh, and it changed the way I think about stress.”

BCB: Can you suggest one question readers might find interesting to discuss, concerning you, your writing in general, or this book?
 How can readers help you promote this book?

Brooke Musterman: They could tell their friends, talk about what they have learned. I write a blog, http://www.reptilianrantings.blogspot.com and I love when people weigh in and tell me what is going on, what they are stressed about and how they have dealt with it. I also love funny stories relating to stress.

About You

BCB: Why do you write?

Brooke Musterman: I write to keep my sanity, and I love stories about real life.

BCB: What is your greatest strength as a writer?

Brooke Musterman: I love observing and writing about the absurdity of everyday life.

BCB: What are you most proud of accomplishing so far in your life?

Brooke Musterman: Making this book a reality. I’m very passionate about it. For one, just the realization alone that stress and anxiety were my problem, and then making it work for me is kind of a cool thing.

BCB: Is there any new or established author whom you feel deserves more attention, and what is it that strikes you about his or her work?

Brooke Musterman: Oh gosh, where to begin? I love Daria DiGiovanni’s book, Watersigns. I’m so looking forward to her forthcoming sequel. I’m very excited about Don Smith’s fascinating story about The Goffle Road Murders. I am a huge fan of Ann Lamott & Gretchen Rubin. I like them both because they are so real, and because I can identify with them. I really like philosophy, and they both integrate philosophy into their respective works.



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