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Beauty Muse by Lisa Lipsett

Beauty Muse by Lisa LipsettBeauty Muse is a visually rich and thoughtfully written book on creativity and nature. With over 100 easy-to-try activities, readers are invited to experience a nature-centered practice of artful connection to ourselves, each other and the world.

Beauty Muse will appeal to anyone longing for a creative practice to call their own, in addition to educators, artists, therapists and parents interested in strengthening human-nature relationships through the arts. Author Lisa Lipsett’s combined experience as a seasoned artist and environmental educator give Beauty Muse creative wisdom and ecological timeliness.

Note from Lisa Lipsett

Becoming a painter has taught me that creating naturally strengthens an enduring sense of ecological self. We can create with Nature and find ourselves. We can also dive deeply into ourselves through creating and find Nature. We can see our own natural patterns, colours and forms emerge on the page. Painting clears out old blockages, transforming old habits and making space for new connections. We can see tensions soften and resolve as painting both illustrates and changes how we feel. We learn to melt into change, admire delicacy and vulnerability, accept the unknown, feel our way through and resonate with the energy of the day and the season. We paint ourselves. Not the outward tracing but rather the fullness that lives within the surface.

Through painting, we can better understand natural principles and processes such as self change (metamorphosis), developmental periods and cycles, part-whole relationships, natural pattern, and the creativity that emerges from holding oppositional tensions. Painting soothes the weary soul, deepens our commitment to Nature and helps us to understand Nature’s creative processes from the inside out. When we create with Nature, we access a rich source of knowledge about our environment. When we re-learn this creative language of life and become deeply rooted in its governing creative principles, we live in harmony with Nature and self once again.

By painting what feels right and fits in the moment we are led. Beauty Muse shares ways to help the thinking, planning mind to soften so you can trust your hands instead.

“These days children spend less and less time outside and more and more in front of a TV or computer screen. They desperately need to reconnect with Nature and what better way than through art. I hope a lot of teachers and parents will find this book.” ~David Suzuki

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