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Paul Is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion by Alan Goldsher


For John Lennon, a young, idealistic zombie guitarist with dreams of global domination, Liverpool seems the ideal place to form a band that could take over the world. In an inspired act, Lennon kills and reanimates local rocker Paul McCartney, kicking off an unstoppable partnership. With the addition of newly zombified guitarist George Harrison and drummer/Seventh Level Ninja Lord Ringo Starr, the Beatles soon cut a swath of bloody good music and bloody violent mayhem across Europe, America, and the entire planet.

In this searing oral history, discover how the Fab Four climbed to the Toppermost of the Poppermost while stealing the hearts, ears, and brains of smitten teenage girls. Learn the tale behind a spiritual journey that resulted in the dismemberment of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Marvel at the seemingly indestructible quartet’s survival of a fierce attack by Eighth Level Ninja Lord Yoko Ono. And find out how the boys escaped eternal death at the hands of England’s greatest zombie hunter, Mick Jagger.

Through all this, one mystery remains: Can the Beatles sublimate their hunger for gray matter, remain on top of the charts, and stay together for all eternity? After all, three of the Fab Four are zombies, and zombies live forever. . . .

Bloody brilliant.  - Parade

Are readers ready for a world in which the Beatles just wanna eat your brains? Goldsher thinks so, and he may be right. This alternate history reimagines successes, failures, and rivalries with over-the-top bizarro charm. – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Goldsher turns in a classic rags-to-riches tale of aspiration and success that would do Horatio Alger proud, punctuated by no end of gore. – Kirkus Reviews

A post-modern gothic classic. – Mick Wall, author of When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography of Led Zeppelin

If you’ve ever wondered (as I have) how the story of the Beatles would have turned out if, instead of a quartet of working-class Liverpool lads, they had been a bunch of zombies, this hilarious book finally answers the question. – Michael Ian Black, comedian and author of Clappy as a Ham

Goldsher imbues his broad, over-the-top, gleefully gore-flecked horror with nuance. A gag-per-minute pace.

Paul Is Undead portrays the Beatles as larger than life—and larger than death, but Goldsher manages to make both Lennon and McCartney sound like something they haven’t been in decades: human. – Washington Post

An absolute delight. 308 pages of satirical hilarity dressed up like the best Rolling Stone article ever. – Chicago Examiner

Investigative music journalist Alan Goldsher has ripped the moptops off the Fab Four, revealing the wormy undead belly of godless, noggin-gobbling Rock and Roll. – Larry Doyle, author of I Love You, Beth Cooper and Go, Mutants!

Brilliant and hilarious. Two decaying thumbs up. – Jonathan Maberry, author of Patient Zero

A mash-up masterpiece. - Tor.com

Paul Is Undead is the Abbey Road of Beatles zombie mashup novels. – A. J. Jacobs, author of The Guinea Pig Diaries and The Year of Living Biblically

Paul is Undead caused this reviewer to laugh hard enough to pull a muscle. To pass by this literary cinematography would be a mistake. – New York Journal of Books

The horror mash-up publishing craze is still spreading like a plague, and while some of the most popular products seem like easy ways to digest the classics, this clever take on the subgenre will bring music nerds into its fandom. – Booklist

I didn’t think it was possible to breathe this much fresh life into the zombie mash-up sub-genre. – G.O.R.E. Score

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